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All images and accounts found on this website are owned by Brad and Lynn Weinert and protected by U.S. and international copyright laws.   Permission to use and reproduce images and accounts from this website may be obtained by contacting us at the following link:  Brad and Lynn Weinert

In general, we grant permission to use and display (but do not assign rights), on a non-commercial basis, all of our material for any not-for-profit program, art projects, school or research program, educational presentation or program, environmental program, news related subjects, park and recreational programs, and in general “any good cause”, etc.  Specific permission however must be obtained by us before such use.  We are also more than happy to link your program or project to our website and appreciate and encourage links to our site.

All of the images found on this website are also available for commercial use and for sale as digital images (pdf, jpeg and tiff), color prints and color posters. 

Sample of images available:


Please contact us  directly and we can discuss your individual needs and requirements.  If you wish to order a specific photo please include either a cut and pasted image in your email or reference the page and location of the photo (e.g. Yellow Warbler, row 4, column 2) and we will confirm.


*Digital images are available at actual size of cropped image or original photo size.  Cropped images may be as small as 800 x 600.  Original images may be as large as 5184 x 3456.

Many of our images have been used with permission for publication, news articles, nature brochures, web site images, magazines, etc.  A partial list of published photos and descriptions are included below:

Published and commercially used images




Alabama Wildlife Federation – Images of Speckled Kingsnake used in “Alabama Wildlife” in article regarding Black Belt Wildlife Reserve

Antrhophysics – Image of American Crow used in article on learning abilities of bird species

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality – Images of Yuma waterway near Colorado River used for environmental brochure                  

Arizona State University Tempe – Images of Ornate Tree Lizard used in educational brochure on local herpentofauna

Audubon Greenwich, Connecticut -

Audubon Magazine – Images of Desert Iguana used                                                                            

Australian National University                                                                  

AVRO – Sistemas e Normas de Tradução (Brasil)

Bar Z Adventures, Austin, Texas

Berry's Butterfly Photos –

Bob Jones University Press Distance Learning                                       

Canopy Tower and Lodge, Panama                                                 

Carin Anne Bondar, 'Dr. C', PhD -

Chemical Education Magazine                                                                    

Children’s Bluebird Activity Book                                                  

Conservation Biology, San Francisco State University                          

Cornell University - SULA 7 -

Curiosity -

Desert Willow Environmental Education Center located in Mesa, AZ

East County – Photos of Golden Eagle on power pole used for presentation on impact of power transmission stations on wildlife               

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology University of Connecticut

Evolutionary Biology of Species and Organizations, Victoria, Australia

Hubpages – Westman, Todd Shaw -

Ibisring, the Netherlands -

Idaho State University                                                                              


Live and Learn Environmental Education                                          

Lowdown Ink – Guide to Daintree                                                 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology -  Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement

Mexican National Parks Department                                                        

Mitchell Lake Audubon Society Park                                                        

Nashua River Watershed Association                                                      

National Parks Dept and Local Aboriginal Land Council, Australia

North American Field Herpetology Association                                     

North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission - Division of Conservation Education -

NSW Curriculum and Learning Innovation Centre

Red Butte Canyon Research Natural Area -

Regional Advisory & Innovation Network (RAIN), Queensland, AU -

Sarasota Bay Estuary Program

Seed Savers Exchange                                                                               

Southeast Asian Nations Wildlife Enforcement Network                                

Sunshine Serpents – Central Florida –

The Queensland Finch Society, Inc. -                                         

The Rumination Refinery -

The University of Western Australia, Perth -

University of Arizona, Water Research Center -,%20Acknowlegments.pdf

University of Kansas Natural History and Biodiversity Research Center      

University of Western Alabama, Black Belt Conservation and Research Institute – Images of Speckled Kingsnake used in interpretive panels describing the ecology of a Black Belt Prairie ecosystem  

What's In An Egg? - Joan Budai (Author)

Wired Magazine                                                                       




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