Minnesota, May 2007 - Trip Report


MinnesotaFrontenac State Park – May 2007


I had a short business trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota in late May and was able to take an extra day to explore the surrounding area.  Unfortunately, as was the case with several other trips this year, rain was the prevalent theme!  With thunderstorms and even tornadoes in the forecast I changed my plans several times in the days leading up to my time in the field and even a couple of hours before venturing out I was watching the weather maps to try to find the best area to go to.  Unfortunately, most of the state of Minnesota and even neighboring Wisconsin were pretty much covered in large thunder storms so I picked an area that seemed to be on the edge of the frontal boundary and headed in that direction as dawn was breaking over Minneapolis.  My destination turned out to be Frontenac State Park, about an hour and a half drive from downtown Minneapolis along the northern reaches of the Mississippi River.  After a long drive in heavy rain and strong gusty winds I reached my planned destination however the frontal boundary had moved further south so I was still in the grasp of a rather large weather system that had spawned several tornadoes the day before and was every bit as eager to do so again it seemed!  I was able to drive around the area and scope out various sites that I thought would be good for photography but the driving rain prevented me from any exploration.  Finally, I picked an area under some trees and parked, deciding on trying to either ride out the storm or at least hopefully find a couple of holes in the weather between thunder storm cells.  Finally the rain started to let up and I was able to get a few shots in before the next cell moved in, here are highlights and comments from the Frontenac area.




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