Australia 2007 Trip Report - Part 6



Queensland - Beerburrum to Hervey Bay - Nov. 28th & 29th...


We spent most of the 27th traveling from Ayers Rock to Sydney and on to Brisbane, arriving late in the day at Brisbane International airport.  After picking up the rental car we started heading north toward our eventual destination in Hervey Bay however it's about a 4 hour drive from Brisbane and the plan was to stop somewhere along the way so I chose and area near the Australia Zoo in the Glasshouse Mountain area that we had stayed at on a previous trip.  We were greeted by these Velvet Geckos, the same as we had been a couple of years ago. 



Robust Velvet Gecko - Oedura robusta


The next morning we explored the general area before heading north and photographed some of the typical Queensland bird life from the area.


Little Wattlebird


Brown Honeyeater


This area is very interesting with several large monoliths shooting skywark, another very ancient looking place, you almost expect to see a dinosaur munching on the various eucalyptus trees that grace the area.


Glasshouse Mountain State Park, Queensland



Red-browed Finch


Red-backed Fairywren (female)


Red-browed Finch


Yellow-faced Honeyeater



We arrived at our destination (Lynn's brothers house where Mike, her brother and his wife Heather live) in Hervey Bay late in the afternoon after making several stops along the way, the rest of the day and evening was spent socializing, having dinner etc.  The next morning Lynn and I took a walk down the beach.  There is a trail that goes for about 11K along the beach there making for a nice walk along a variety of ocean front habitats.  We ran into several interesting species including a flock of Silvereye...




Another commonly encountered bird along the trail were these never-resting Red-backed Fairy Wrens.  Typically found with one male and several females flittering in low shrub and along the ground.


Red-backed Fairywren (male)



Blue-faced Honeyeaters were also common, this one apparently was looking for something under the bark of this eucalyptus tree.


Blue-faced Honeyeater


Blue-faced Honeyeater


Blue-faced Honeyeater (female)



A few more shots from our morning walk...


White-faced Heron


Brahminy Kite


White-throated Needletail






Galah - the destroyer...:o)  Sometimes considered a pest...


Female Red-backed Fairywren








We made our way back to brother-in-law Mike's house, picked him up and made a quick stop at the local university where he works.  There is a lake in front of the university and Lynn and I took a quick walk around while he was in taking care of some business.  Got a good look at these turtles sunning themselves in the bright morning sunshine.


Krefft's River Turtle - Emydura macquarii kreffti


Krefft's River Turtle - Emydura macquarii kreffti


This nicely colored Australasian Grebe hung around just long enough for a good shot.


Australasian Grebe


Quite an unexpected highlight was when I spotted a beautiful Pheasant Coucal hiding in some bushes next to the lake, it allowed relatively close approach and we took tons of pictures of this large, interesting member of the Cuckoo family.


Pheasant Coucal


Pheasant Coucal


Pheasant Coucal


Pheasant Coucal


A Laughing Kookaburra looked on as we took hundreds of pictures of the Coucal.


Laughing Kookaburra


A procession of Purple Swamphens heading for the water.


Purple Swamphen


There was also a large group of breeding Cattle Egret nesting along the banks of the lake, Lynn got some great close in shots of Cattle Egret in breeding plumage and young chicks as well.


Cattle Egret


Cattle Egret and Chick


After Mike had finished his work at the school we drove down to Hervey Bay for breakfast on the beach, while waiting to be served, I spotted two skinks foraging right at the surf line in the grass.  Here's a view down the beach and the skinks follow.


Hervey Bay


Eastern Striped Skink - Ctenotus robustus


After breakfast we headed over to the Hervey Bay Botanical Gardens where I ran into this young Lace Monitor foraging in the leaf litter.


Lace Monitor - Veranus varius


He immediately of course took for cover up the nearest tree.  Last seen heading for the canopy...


Some early-morning excitement in the water pond!


Dusky Moorhen


That kind of hanky-panky leads to this...


Dusky Moorhen chick


These Little Corella were perched in a pine tree pretty much across the street from my brother-in-laws house in Hervey Bay.


Little Corella



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